Title I

Proud to be a Title I School

What is Title I?

Title I at Enka Intermediate School and our goal of improving academic achievement for all EIS students. 

Buncombe County School District  and Title I empowers every student every day.

Enka Intermediate School’s mission is to deliver a world class education by promoting the highest levels of academic achievement. Title I supports this mission while promoting district goals.

A fundamental belief with both EIS and Title I is that it takes a village to raise a child. Title I promotes community partnerships within the county.

EIS and Title I are also committed to providing the best instructional classrooms for students. Title 1 supports teacher quality through ongoing professional development.

EIS and Title I are committed to setting high expectations and accountability for all.

Title I provides funding for 2 lead teachers, 1 curriculum coach, 4 assistants and 2 tutors. The additional staff helps lower the teacher to student ratio for small group and individual instruction. 

Title I comes from the elementary and secondary act of 1965. It used to be known as “No child left behind”.

The purpose of this act is that all students should have a fair, equal and significant opportunity for a high quality education.

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We are excited to be a Title I school. Title 1 is a federal program that provides funds for additional personal, instructional materials, professional development opportunities for teachers, and parent involvement events. These help us provide a quality education for all of the students at Enka Intermediate.

Book Talk

Title I provides small group reading instruction during Flight Path time. This is a time when all students receive reading instruction on their reading level. Title 1 teachers, assistants and tutors provide instruction based on needs. Reading specialists plan lessons and prepare instructional materials that strengthen phonics, word work skills, vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, writing, and book discussions.

Annual Meeting and Open House

Title I Staff

Title 1 Team