Student/Parent Handbook

Parent Involvement Policy 2021-2022

At Enka Intermediate, we believe in a strong partnership with all stakeholders in the school community.  It is the belief at Enka that when we have strong collaboration with the parents and community, there is a direct and positive impact on the student population.  Collaboration with Enka stakeholders will be conducted through various forms of communication that aid in the increase of parental involvement. The relationship with families is critical throughout the child’s academic career and parents must be given an opportunity to take an active role in the education of their child.  Our goal is to build and foster a partnership that will support the social, emotional, and academic development of all students at Enka Intermediate.

The Parental Involvement Policy and Plan will be reviewed each school year by the School Improvement Team, School Advisory Council, and PTO Board.  In future years it will also be reviewed at the Title I Annual Meeting and Open House.  Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education through one or many of the following activities:

  • Participate in PTO

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences

  • Volunteer in our school volunteer program

Maintain contact between the school and home  through various forms of communication

Events Will Be Held Throughout the Year to Support Strong School and Family Connections.  Listed below is a list of opportunities to be involved with our school. Thank you for partnering with us on behalf of our students

  • Annual Parent Meeting/Open House

  • Family-School Contracts including Attendance Contract, One-to-One Device Contract, and others that may be developed on a teacher or team basis

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • School Improvement Team Parent Representatives

  • Parent Advisory Council Representatives

  • PTO Board Meeting

  • PTO Sponsored Events

  • Parent Newsletters

  • Midterm Progress Reports and Report Cards

  • Awards Assembly

  • School Events/Programs

  • Parent Surveys

  • Transition Nights

  • Social Media and Technology Advisory Committee

Dress Code 2021-2022

Buncombe County School Board Policy #4316 states that each school must develop “guidelines that balance the needs for individuality with the needs of maintaining safety, orderliness, and good taste for the school community.”  Enka Intermediate School believes that certain articles of clothing, while appropriate in casual settings, are not appropriate for the educational environment.  We believe that adherence to our dress code policy helps to prepare students for future success.

To help students, parents, and faculty member understand what is appropriate for school, the dress code is explained below. 

  1. Clothing should cover all undergarments, students’ backs, sides, and stomach areas.  Pants should be worn around the waist. No shorts or undergarments should be visible.

  2. Straps on shirts must be 2” wide (short side of ID card).  See-through lace/mesh clothing must be layered with another garment that meets dress code requirements.  Tube tops, halter tops, backless tops and strapless shirts are not permitted.  Clothing must pass the card test in order to be appropriate for school  Faculty ID cards, driver’s licenses, or debit cards are acceptable cards that can be used for this self-check.

  3. Skirts, dresses and shorts should adhere to the fingertip rule. These garments should be no shorter that the student’s fingertips when arms hang freely at their side.

  4. Leggings or other form-fitted leg coverings are ONLY permitted IF worn with dresses, skirts, or shorts.  Leggings are not pants.

  5. Pants that have holes, slits or cuts above the knee should not be more than 3” above the knee and must be covered so no skin is showing.

  6. Students will not be allowed to wear sweatshirt hoods, hats, toboggans, and headphones while in the school building, unless for religious observances, or as a PBIS reward for a school fundraiser.

  7. Students are prohibited from wearing any metal chains, bullets, fish hooks, or metal spiked apparel and accessories.

  8. Students may not wear any garment or accessory displaying language or images (profanity, sexual suggestion/insinuations, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, bodily functions, ethnic slur, slogans or symbols) that are inappropriate for a school setting.  Any item deemed to be “gang related” will be subject to ban according to BCSB Policy #4328.  Parental notice will be given.

  9. Pajama-like clothing, slippers, stuffed animals and blankets are not permitted.  Occasionally our PTO will sponsor a “Pajama Day” as a school fundraiser.  Pajamas worn for a special fundraiser event should cover the areas of the body as described above in numbers 1 through 6.

Buncombe County School Board Policy states “before being punished, a student who is not in compliance with this policy or a school dress code will be given a reasonable period of time to make adjustments so that he or she will be in compliance.”  Violations of the dress code policy should be corrected as soon as possible.  Students who are not dressed appropriately for the educational environment should be advised privately and will be given an opportunity to make corrections.

It is the responsibility of all staff to monitor and address student dress code.  Students shall comply with directions from any staff member in regards to this policy.

The EIS Wa

We Are EIS

We Choose Empathy

We Choose Integrity

We Choose Self-Control

Enka Intermediate is a PBIS school.  Our PBIS model: “The EIS Way” is designed to help students remember the qualities and expectations for an Enka Intermediate student.  Students will be recognized for expected positive behavior and will be given the opportunity to reflect on and change behavior that does not follow the EIS Way.

 I choose...


Hallways and Common Areas




Empathy -

Kindness & Understanding


-Help and respect others

-Show kindness

-Be courteous and polite

-Be an active listener

-Raise my hand to speak

- Keep hands to myself

-Smile at others in the hallway


-Help others in need

-Clean up my space

-Be friendly to staff

-Stack trays & put silverware in bins

-Respect personal space

-Respect others and their privacy

-Knock on the door before entering a stall

-Be considerate of other’s point of view

-If someone is in need, step up and help

-Notice if anyone is left out

-Take turns


Integrity -

Honesty and Effort


-Bring materials

-Complete homework

-Complete assignments

-Meet learning targets daily

-Keep the classroom clean

-Learn from my mistakes

-Get to my destination quickly and quietly

-Be where I am supposed to be at all times

-Use manners

-Give my attention to staff when they are speaking

-Wash hands

-Report problems to staff


-Keep the playground area clean

-Treat equipment and peers with respect

-Claim ownership of my part in conflicts

Self-Control - Awareness and Safety


-Use kind words and actions

-Own my behaviors

-Keep hands and belongings to myself

-Hold to the hand railing

-Keep my feet on the ground

-Walk in a straight line

-Stay to the right

-Be aware of my surroundings

-Use whisper volume

-Stay in my seat

-Walk carefully with my tray

-hands and belongings to myself

-Only eat my food

-Stay at my table

-Wait my turn


-Keep restroom clean

-Keep water in the sink

-Use whisper volume

Be aware of my feelings and express them in a healthy way.

-Be aware of my surroundings

-Show good sportsmanship

-Keep my hands and feet to myself


Enka Intermediate is a PBIS school. PBIS is a framework for assisting staff in evidence-based behavioral interventions.  The PBIS program supports the success of ALL students. Enka Intermediate School will follow a Progressive Discipline Plan when violations occur.  This means that repeated offenses by the same student will result in progressively more severe consequences for that student.

Please refer to the chart below for the type of behaviors that are considered minor and those that are considered major.




Inappropriate Language

(spoken or written)

Any language that is deemed unwelcome or inappropriate – talking back, non-directed cursing, inappropriate jokes/gestures/ comments: making faces, family, racial, ethnic, judgmental, name calling (shut up, stupid), inappropriate slang, teasing,

Aggressive / threatening / challenging language toward another – cursing, threatening, racial comments., yelling at another, arguing in a threatening manner, causing another to fear for their safety.

Physical Contact / Aggression

Any non-chronic, non-threatening behavior that has the potential

to cause harm to another individual- invading others personal space, horseplay, bumping in line, tripping, pushing.

Aggressive behavior, Fighting,

Assault, Physical Aggression

Physical confrontation with intent to do harm to another: hitting, kicking, biting, fighting, pulling hair, pinching, pushing. Includes Physical aggression with intent to do harm to self.

Inappropriate Behavior

Disturbing class - A continuation of a behavior after redirection – playing, whistling, tapping, excessive talking, out of seat, making inappropriate noises, humming, passing notes.

Tantrum / Out of Control Behavior that disrupts any school activity, Leaving the teacher / class without permission, Communicating Threats, Bullying (Disorderly Conduct)


Failing to follow through with directions – not completing assignments, habitually slow to follow directions, off task after redirects.

Refusal to follow directions – doing opposite of instructions, refusing to do work, intentional disrespect, arguing with the teacher. Noncompliance with directives from administration, teachers, and other personnel.

Property Misuse

Using materials in ways other than instructed – throwing small objects, using chairs incorrectly, ripping work, breaking/cutting objects.

Vandalism - Deliberately damaging or destroying property-including school materials/equipment, personnel items, using bathroom incorrectly.

Misuse of School Technology

Failure to follow teachers directions, failure to properly care for device when moving from place to place.

Using school technology / equipment contrary to the school policy, Cyber-bullying,

Possession of external speakers on campus.

Cell Phone

Failure to turn in cell phone at the start of the day, taking photos & videos, inappropriate websites.

Bullying, Communicating Threats, stealing the device of others, refusal to put phone away when asked by an adult to do so.

Inappropriate Item

Any object that can be used to threaten or harm another person with.

Inappropriate Item that could be considered harmful to students and staff. This would include weapons, drugs, etc.


The taking of another person's property without that person's permission.

Intentionally taking another person's property without that person's permission, lying, refusal to return the property, damage of property, etc.


It is important that your child be in school every day.  Regular attendance is essential to academic success, as students with good attendance generally achieve higher levels of learning than students with poor attendance.  If a student misses more than 14 days during the school year, after school recovery sessions, Summer School or Saturday school may be required with a fee of $50.  Upon the sixth tardy or early check-out, students will be required to spend 30 minutes in an after school Recovery Session.  An Attendance Contract to be reviewed and signed by the parent will be sent home the second week of school which will provide details and guidelines.

Also, please be aware that for every five (5) unexcused tardies and/or early dismissals, one (1) day of absence is recorded for the purpose of the attendance policy.  On the day a child returns to school from an absence, a note written by the parent stating the reason for the absence should be given to the teacher.  If a written note is not received by the 3rd day, the absence(s) will be coded unexcused.  No notes will be accepted after the 3rd day back.

Students are responsible for making up any work missed while absent.  For extended absences, please notify the principal as soon as possible.  Students leaving school before or arriving after 11:45 a.m. will be marked as absent for the day.  Please make every effort to schedule routine appointments after school hours.  Any special circumstance must be discussed with the principal in advance for excused approval.

This policy is enforced.  All family trips/vacations will be coded unexcused.  Please be aware that for every five (5) unexcused tardies or early dismissals, one day’s absence is counted toward the 14-Day Attendance Policy.  Letters informing parents of unexcused absences will be sent when a child reaches three and six unexcused absences.  If ten unexcused absences are accumulated, a meeting will be scheduled with the social worker and administrator.  Excessive absences will result in a petition for noncompliance with the compulsory attendance law being filed with the courts.  See Buncombe County Schools Board Policy #403 for more information.


Students are expected to be in their classroom ready to start the day at 8:05 a.m.  Students arriving after 8:05 must be walked into the office and signed in by a parent or guardian.  Late students are not allowed to check themselves in.

Arrival and Dismissal

Doors will open for car riders at 7:15.  The tardy bell will ring at 8:05.  The afternoon dismissal will be at 3:05. There will be no student sign-outs after 2:40. Car rider line in the afternoon will begin moving after buses leave the parking lot at approximately 3:10

Early Check Outs - To insure the safety of our students we ask that parents who need to check out their child before the end of the school day, please do so before 2:40.


  • Bring at your own risk. We are not responsible for damaged, stolen, or lost items.

  • Phones will be collected by the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day and kept in a locked cabinet until dismissal when they will be returned to the students.  Students may only use these items after 3:05 p.m.

  • Due to confidentiality and to protect the rights of all students, the taking of pictures or videos by students using portable devices is prohibited at school and on the bus unless it is part of a class and supervised by the teacher.

  • If a student has an electronic device out prior to 3:05 p.m., the device will be held by a staff member for parent pick up. Failure to turn in your cell phone will result in a Major office referral.


A physician’s order is required for all medication. 

A separate form is needed for each medication.  Over the counter medications such as skin creams, essential oils, herbs, sunscreen, chapstick, cough drops, etc. must also have a doctor’s order. 

All completed forms must be sent to the school on or before the first day of school along with any needed supplies.

  • Medications must be brought to school by a responsible adult.

  • Prescription medication must be in the original labeled container.

  • Over the counter medication must be in original unopened container.

  • If pills need to be divided, please have pharmacy do this, or divide at home.


A new order must be completed any time there is a change in dosage, time or method of administration, or treatment protocol and for each new school year.

When physician’s orders have not been received, the mediation or procedure may not be given by school personnel.  The parent/guardian will need to come to the school to care for the student’s needs until the appropriate orders have been received.


Transporting students to and from school safely is our first concern.  It is the responsibility of all students who ride the bus to help the driver in maintaining safe conditions.  Buses are expected to arrive at school between 7:50 and 8:00 a.m. and leave between 3:10 and 3:15. Students are expected to be ready and waiting at their bus stop before the bus arrives.

No phone calls will be taken for transportation changes.  All changes are to be requested in writing and sent with your child each morning.  Transportation change requests may be faxed (828-255-1383) to the school by/before 1:00 p.m.  If you fax a transportation change request, please call the school to confirm that we received it.  Only extreme emergencies (life/death) will be considered over the phone and must be approved by administration.

Please talk with your child about bus safety and appropriate behavior on the bus.  We have excellent adult drivers, but they need your help to operate a bus safely.  Students who misbehave on the bus will have consequences. 

Parents will be contacted by the administration when their child misbehaves on the bus.  Continued misbehavior on the bus will lead to suspension from riding the bus and possible suspension from school.

Bus Safety Rules

A Bus Safety Ridership Agreement will go home with all students. Students and parents should sign and return this form even if you do not ride a bus on a regular basis. Bus safety rules apply for field trips as well as daily bus routes.

Enka Intermediate School Bus Discipline Plan

Bus Rules:

1. Stay seated! “Back to Back, Bottom to Bottom.”

2. Use an “Inside” voice and respectful language. No yelling out the bus windows.

3. Keep hands to yourself at all times.

4. No external noise from devices. This includes external speakers. External speakers are not allowed on the bus or at school. Students must use earbuds when listening to anything with sound on the bus. Failure to do so will result in loss of cell phone privilege on the bus.

5. No eating or drinking on the bus. No GUM. Keep the bus clean.

6. Keep EVERYTHING inside when windows are down. This includes body parts and objects.

7. Cell phones will be allowed at bus driver discretion. No pictures or videotaping of any type on the bus.

8. Board and Exit the bus at your designated stop.

9. Do not bring questionable or dangerous objects on the bus.

10. Follow Enka’s PBIS behavior matrix by showing Empathy, Integrity, and Self Control at all times.


1st Referral-Written warning

2nd Referral- Possible consequences: lunch detention, assignment, After School detention, ISS, etc.

3rd Referral- 3 Day Required Bus Safety Class until 4:00 with assignments

4th Referral- 5 Day Bus Suspension

5th Referral - 10 Day Bus Suspension

6th Referral - Suspension for the remainder of the semester.

7th Referral - Suspension for the remainder of the school year.

The administration has the authority to deviate from the above bus discipline plan and revoke bus riding privileges and/or suspend from school any student who is involved in any serious incident on the school bus or at the bus stop.

Bus safety will not be compromised!

Car Rider Procedures

Because safety is our first priority during dismissal time at Enka Intermediate, please follow the procedures below when your child is a car rider in the afternoon:

  • We will wait until all buses are out of the parking lot before calling car riders.  Car rider dismissal begins at 3:05 and ends at 3:30. After that time, you will need to come into the office to get your child.

  • Display the sign with your child’s name in the left hand corner of the car windshield (driver’s side).

  • All cars enter the school from the back of the school (2nd entrance into the school near TSA) to the front of the building. 

Walking Biking Procedures


AM Walk/Bike Procedures

  • Students must be accompanied by parent or approved adult on the student’s contact list

  • Students and parents must use the crosswalk

  • Students must secure bikes in the bike rack

PM Walk/Bike Procedures

  • Dismissal time for walker/bikers 3:00pm

  • Parent or approved adult must be present for student to leave


Breakfast and lunch are served daily by the school nutrition staff.  Breakfast will be served in homerooms and is free of charge to all students.Students who received free or reduced lunch last year will again receive free or reduced lunch until a new application is processed.  Applications must be returned within one week of student enrollment.  Applications will be available throughout the year in case financial circumstances change.  There is a $10.00 charge limit.  Any charges applied to the student’s lunch account before the free/reduced lunch application is approved, will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

School Counseling at Enka Intermediate School

Enka Intermediate School Counseling program serves and advocates for all students through

  1. a comprehensive and developmentally informed continuum of support,

  2. fostering a personal responsibility for an awareness of self and others

  3. Development of emotional management skills, thus allowing them to access their full academic and personal potential.

As school counselors, we support all students to feel safe and successful at school and in life. We work with students according to grade level and see students in a variety of ways. We see all students on a regular basis in classroom guidance lessons. These lessons focus on social- emotional skills that will help your child manage emotions, problem solve, communicate, and get along better with others. For some students, we will have small group time throughout the year. These groups are focused on particular topics such as grief, divorce, or friendship. Sometimes, we see students on a short term basis for individual counseling as well. If we feel your child needs more than a few sessions with us, we can also make referrals to community based therapists in our area who can support both you and your child.

If you feel your child would benefit from any of our counseling services, please let us know. Parents and teachers may refer students to be seen by a counselor. Students may also self refer for counseling services. Information shared in groups or individual sessions are confidential unless the child says they are going to hurt themselves or someone else or if someone is hurting them. 

EIS School Counseling Program serves multiple purposes and supports multiple systems.

*We utilize program and school data to monitor our impact on students and families on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This information is used to create and maintain a positive, nurturing and supportive learning environment. Our data also helps us determine successful academic and social emotional strategies to support positive life skills.

*We foster partnerships with parents, staff and students to create a holistically supportive academic learning environment.

*We adhere to the American School Counselor Association ethical and legal guideline to support and guide our students’ growth.

Please contact us by phone or email If you have any questions or concerns about your child.


School Social Work

School Social Workers are the link between the home, school and community in providing services to promote and support students’ academic and social success.  We help students develop strategies to increase academic success; help families access school and community resources, and help schools identify students’ unmet needs and work effectively with parents. If you have question about your child’s attendance, the school social worker will be glad to meet with your to address any concerns or needs.

Please contact the school social worker by phone or email if you have any questions or concerns about your child.

School 828-255-1380        
Cell 828-777-1982