Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for The Hero Two Doors Down




Jan. 6

Prologue & 1

  • Why are the Brooklyn Dodgers doing their spring training in the Dominican Republic this year?

  • Why will the Dodgers have spring training back in the States next year?

  • How was Branch Rickey’s signing of Jackie Robinson a smart (and historical) move?

Jan. 7


  • Dad tries to help Steve understand how he can avoid getting into big trouble in the future. What does Dad say? Can you make a text to self connection?

  • What is “barnstorming”?

  • When Steve hears about the neighborhood’s petition, what does he make of it in his own mind? What are your thoughts?

Jan. 8


  • What was the result of the neighborhood petition?

  • Why won’t Mrs. Palin tell Steve who their tenant will be? How does he react?

  • Why might Steve be disappointed when he visits Jackie Robinson’s house?

Jan. 9


  • “I sat up straight. Tension permeated the hot air.” use the context clues to define permeated.

  • Why is Mom nervous before they are scheduled to meet the Robinsons?

  • How does Steve react when he finally gets to meet Jackie Robinson?Have you ever felt this way?

Jan. 13


  • Jackie explains how he and the rest of the gang members got lucky. What happened to them?

  • How would you explain “self-control”? When is a time when you have had to use self-control?

  • Jackie tries to help Steve understand how it will mean a great deal to him when the armed services will stop discriminating. How does Stve interpret the situation?

Jan. 14


  • While Steve i playing baseball with the older boys, a ball is hit to him, but he misses it. What happened to him that made him miss the ball?

  • The boys taunt him after he misses the ball. Steve can handle some teasing, but what makes him really angry?

  • “Shut up,” one of the big boys warned. “No need for that,” Jackie chastised the boy. Use context clues to determine what chastised means.

Jan. 15


  • What happens on Steve’s special day?

  • Do a little research: When Carl Furillo comes up to bat, Rachel tells Steve and little Jackie to sit down. Why should the boys avoid cheering for one on Jackie’s teammates?

  • “They used this type of aircraft during World War II. It was built for reconnaissance, and to carry both soldiers and light cargo.” Define the word reconnaissance. 

Jan. 16


  • “On Sunday, December 19th, we were walloped by a snowstorm that lasted twenty hours, leaving behind almost twenty inches of snow and record cold temperatures. What does walloped mean?

  • Steve feels like the war is strange to him, why?

  • Steve’s mom wants him to do a mitzvah. What does she propose? Is this something you would want to do? What would you give the money to?

Jan. 21


  • “Sena stood straight in defiance, daring me to hit her again.” What does defiance mean?

  • What do the Robinson’s have in their house that Steve has never seen before? How would you feel if you went into a house celebrating a different cultural holiday?

Jan. 22


  • Why does Jackie give Steve a Christmas Tree? How do Steve’s parents react and why?

  • “I appreciate the sentiment,” Dad finally said. Define sentiment.

  • What lesson did Steve’s dad learn from this situation? 

  • At the end of the story, how does Jckie make sure Steve knows their friendship is real?

Jan. 23

Epilogue & afterward

  • What were Steve’s and Jackie’s prayers for?

  • What was Jackie’s reply when Steve asked him if he missed baseball?

  • This all happened before Sharon Robinson was born, how did she know these stories?

  • What do Steve and Sharon still have in common?

  • Why did Sharon want to write this story from Steve’ point-of-view?