About String Orchestra

Hello there, and welcome to this information page for the
Enka Intermediate School String Orchestra!

Here is a link to our
Be Part of the Music website.
There are lots of great videos that can help
you get a good idea about string orchestra.

What we do:
Learn how to play one of the four bowed instruments
of the string orchestra: double bass, cello, viola, or violin.
Learn how to take care of our instruments.
Learn how to play our instruments alone and together.
Learn how to read music.
Create our own music using our instruments or music software.
Explore the large music community around us.

Musical styles we play:
Classical, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, Blues, World, Movie & Video Game Scores,

When is class:
Every week day at school from 8:15 - 9 am.

What you'll need:
Simply to register below. Mr. Zinke will help you get
everything you need and answer all your questions.

Online Registration Page for the

2021-2022 6th Grade Beginning String Orchestra at
Enka Intermediate School
Use the link below to fill out a brief Google Form to enroll.
Online Registration Form

Here are links to some of our favorite YouTube artists:

Lindsey Sterling (violin/viola)

The Piano Guys (cello)

Jeremy Green (viola)

Adam Ben Ezra (bass)