Lipham, Alison- ELA/SS/Math/Science 5th

Alison Lipham
Hello! I am Alison Lipham, a 5th grade teacher who has taught ELA/SS and also taught a self-contained classroom where I taught all 4 subjects such as ELA, social studies, math and science.
I have a masters degree in elementary education.
I am excited to be a part of the Enka Intermediate family.  I enjoy teaching, and each year I look forward to the growth and excitement that occurs in my classroom and in the school. I believe learning should be fun and engaging with students achieving goals and becoming life long learners! 

E.I.S. Empathy, Integrity and Self-Control

Our School Direction
EIS will be the flagship for igniting success. 

Our School Purpose 
The EIS students and staff will invest in learning.

Contact Information
School Number: 828.255.1380