Mrs. K's Classroom Management and Behavior Plan

                                              Students As Scholars                                    

My Promise to My Scholars

1.  I promise to treat you with respect- I will never raise my voice in anger, threaten, or use sarcasm when communicating with you.  Sometimes we make mistakes.   My motto is borrowed from a quote from one of my favorite books.  “Every day is fresh with no mistakes in it”, Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maude Montgomery.   I will always be happy to see you, and want to help you to become the best scholar you can be.

2.  I promise to listen to you and assist with any problems you are having here at school.  If you are being bullied, teased, or subject to any force keeping you from enjoying school, I will do everything in my power to help you or connect you with someone who can.  I want to ensure that you have the same opportunity as every other student to work together, make friends, and develop a love for school and life-long learning. 

3.  I promise to respect your right to learn and thrive by following our classroom management/behavior plan exactly as it is written.

Expectations for Scholarly Conduct

The first day of school students will hold a classroom discussion where they will discuss their rights, roles and responsibilities as a student scholar. 

They will define their job description and we will fit into our existing classroom motto of SOAR.  We will model and practice these expectations together until we become experts! 

S- Sit up straight and be prepared to learn (including all supplies)

O- On task (active listening/showing the speaker respect by looking at them)

A- Ask scholarly questions (be an engaged learner)

R- Respect those around you and our classroom (using appropriate voice level, not laughing at errors, hands to self, respectful interactions during group work, respecting others and classroom property)

Incentives for Scholarly Conduct

Scholar Dollars Program

How Will I Earn Scholar Dollars?

Each scholar (student) can earn up to 50 “Scholar Dollars” per week (10 per day). 

If a scholar completes the day with no yellow or red tally marks in their Student Daily Planner (more information below), they will earn 10 Scholar Dollars that day.

If they have a tally mark in their planner, they lose 2 dollars for each minor infraction (yellow tally), 10 dollars for major infractions or office referrals (red tally). A major infraction is the result of 3, minor infractions in the same day.  An office referral is the result of student violation of Enka Intermediate policies (please refer to Student Handbook). 

At the end of the week the Classroom Banker will add up each scholar’s total for the week and record it. 

The Classroom Scholar Dollar Store will be open the last Friday of every month (beginning in Sept.). 

Scholars may use their Scholar Dollars to shop at the store.

Scholars will not be allowed to share their Scholar Dollars with other students.  While sharing is admirable, this will assist in avoiding peer pressure from scholars that did not earn as many dollars.

How can I check my scholar’s conduct each day?

Yellow Sticks, Yellow and Red Tally Marks, and Jet Stamps

If a scholar (student) is not following a classroom expectation (refer to SOAR above) they will be re-directed with a verbal or non-verbal cue.  This will be considered a warning.

If a scholar persists in exhibiting poor conduct, after the warning, they will receive a yellow stick on their desk.  This is done quietly while teaching continues, to NOT draw undue attention to the scholar and to NOT distract the other scholars. 

If the scholar chooses to get their conduct back on track during the lesson, the yellow stick will be removed at the end of the lesson.

If the yellow stick remains on the scholar’s desk after the lesson, a 2, Scholar Dollar deduction will be made and a yellow tally mark will be recorded in the scholar’s Student Planner. 

Parents may check each evening for tallies.  If a parent sees a JET STAMP and no tally marks they can assume that their scholar met all the classroom expectations that day.

If a scholar received a yellow stick but got back on course during the lesson, there will NOT be a tally mark in the student planner.  They will NOT lose their Scholar Dollars.  However, there will NOT be a JET STAMP.  This will indicate to the parent or guardian that their scholar struggled that day with appropriate conduct, but turned it around.  Parental reminders of the importance of meeting classroom expectations is valuable and appreciated.

Under what circumstances would I receive a call home concerning my child’s conduct?

If your child receives yellow, tally marks 3 or more days in a school week, a call will be made home.  These calls will be made on Friday afternoon after student dismissal.  If your scholar receives an office referral a call home will be made the same day the office referral is made. 

The purpose of the call is to discuss with parents some strategies that may be employed (at school and home) to assist your child to have success the following week.  Building self-esteem, and academic and social success is the goal.  Research shows that when a student is successful complying with classroom expectations, procedures and routines, it lays the groundwork for a happy, and productive school experience.  It also respects the right of all students to learn in an environment that is free of distractions and in a setting, that feels safe, and inspires risk taking. 

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