Classroom Jobs/Developing Student Leaders

Dear Scholars,

     I believe it is important to understand why you come to school.  What is it you are working toward?  What will motivate you to bring your best each day, and assist in developing responsibility and leadership qualities? Having a classroom job can teach you GRIT (sticking to something), and continue to develop a strong work ethic, that will create academic and social success. It will also inspire the leader in you as you tackle your job with enthusiasm and dedication!

     All scholars will have the opportunity to apply for a classroom job.   Job applications will be available on Monday, August 28th, and are due on Thursday, August 31st.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR LATE OR FOGOTTEN APPLICATIONS.  Interviews will be held on Friday, September 1st (during school hours).  Jobs will be posted Tuesday morning, September 5th and will begin that morning. 

     Each scholar will keep their position for 12 weeks.  This will allow everyone an opportunity to hold a position throughout the school year. 

     Leaders are expected to be role models.  Scholars can lose their jobs if they are not performing them responsibly or are having difficulty following our classroom code of conduct.  If a scholar is consistently receiving yellow, tally marks (please refer to Classroom Management/Behavior Plan), they will lose their job. 

     Please take time to CAREFULLY review the included job descriptions.  I do on the job training so don’t be afraid to apply for a job that you have no experience with.  Take a risk!


Mrs. Kloman


               Available Positions and Job Descriptions

 Administrative Assistant

  • Takes attendance and does lunch count (updates lunch menu each day)
  • Organizes and delivers items in “Notes From Home” basket to Mrs. Kloman
  • Collects and checks morning work (using an Answer Key)
  • Distributes, collects and files paperwork
  • Updates posted, classroom calendar with date and any special events
  • Reminds Mrs. Kloman of upcoming birthdays
  • Answers the classroom phone
  • Checks in and returns cell phones each morning and at dismissal
  • Collects field trip slips, special order slips (ex: school pictures, t-shirt orders), and records.  Issues student reminders.

    Organizational Facilitator:

  • Keeps an inventory of all classroom supplies
  • Refills classroom supplies as needed (Kleenex, hand sanitizer, glue, etc.)
  • Collects, sharpens and returns pencils at the end of school day
  • Organizes supply counter and cabinets as needed
  • Checks cubbies, issues encouraging notes and reminders to stay tidy
  • Other organizational tasks as needed

    Scholar Dollar Store Manager

  • Keeps an inventory of store merchandise
  • Prices and stocks store shelves with merchandise
  • Runs the store on open days (collects scholar dollars, provides receipts, and distributes merchandise).

    Banker (2 positions available)

  • Checks student planners prior to dismissal and tallies dollar amount earned
  • Stamps student planners with Jet stamp
  • Adds scholar dollars earned each week for each student and records total in student planner
  • Keeps scholars’ savings and expenditures updated on bank register

     Medical Technician

  • Carries and is responsible for classroom, Safety Bag
  • Keeps Safety Bag supplied with band-aids, and other supplies
  • Retrieves ice packs from nurse/office and distributes as needed
  • Distributes band-aids as needed
  • Assists on Health Fair Day and with other health related activities as needed
  • Accompanies fellow scholar to the nurse’s office if they are sick or hurt

    Restaurant Manager

  • Distributes breakfast
  • Maintains breakfast inventory sheet
  • Returns breakfast supplies to cafeteria
  • Manages distribution of classroom treats on special days
  • Organizes alternate location lunch days (classroom, outside, etc.)
  • Organizes and oversees lunch collection and distribution on field trip days
  • On request researches and presents information to class on nutrition 

    Traffic Engineer

  • Keeps track and manages Line Leader Rotation
  • Holds door when needed
  • Makes suggestions on most efficient route to destinations
  • Is knowledgeable of stopping points along routes when traveling to a location
  • Provides continuing education/reminders to fellow scholars regarding “traveling conduct”, and stopping points
  • Other responsibilities as needed


  • Delivers and retrieves messages from Office and other locations
  • Delivers and retrieves items to/from Teacher Workroom, Media Center, classrooms, other locations
  • Delivers transportation changes at dismissal

    Maintenance Crew (3 positions available)

  • Ensures classroom is tidy and chairs are properly stowed at dismissal
  • Places recycling and trash receptacles at classroom door at dismissal and returns them to their proper location each morning
  • Responsible for cleaning cafeteria tables and sweeping floor after lunch
  • Gives respectful reminders to fellow scholars about keeping lunch area tidy
  • Maintains clean, classroom sink and counters
  • Vacuums classroom rugs
  • Distributes wipes to fellow scholars to clean desks
  • Other responsibilities as needed


  • Organizes classroom library
  • Maintains check out and return system
  • Issues reminders for overdue books
  • Makes book recommendations to fellow scholars
  • Chooses books to feature each week in special features section
  • Shelves returned books
  • Repairs damaged books (with the assistance of Mrs. Kloman)

    Safety Marshall

  • Is familiar with safety protocol and procedures for all school drills
  • Leads students to designated safety area during a drill (Mrs. Kloman will be responsible to bring up the rear to ensure all students are accounted for)
  • Along with Mrs. Kloman, accounts for all fellow scholars upon arrival to designated location
  • Holds up appropriate safety card (red or green)
  • When requested by Mrs. Kloman will assist in re-teaching safety procedures to fellow scholars
  • Makes recommendations to Mrs. Kloman of features in classroom that will contribute to ensuring safety of all scholars
  • Other responsibilities as needed

    Computer/Media Technician

  • Cues up and turns on EIS News each morning
  • Assists fellow scholars with troubleshooting computer related questions/problems (ex: how to set up a shared, google document, how to access email, etc.)
  • Assists Mrs. Kloman in educating fellow scholars on responsible computer usage and handling
  • Ensures all computers are properly stowed and charging at dismissal

    Tutor (3 positions available)

  • Assists fellow scholars with understanding concepts
  • Offers encouragement
  • Assists fellow scholars with understanding assignment directions
  • Answers questions about assignments to returning, absent students

    Ambassador (1 female and 1 male)

  • Assists with conflict resolution by facilitating classroom conversations with fellow scholars (Mrs. Kloman will be present)
  • Assists with creating cooperative plans for solving conflicts
  • Helps new students learn their way around and keeps them company at lunch and recess while they are making new friends
  • Helps visiting guests to our school by showing them around or assisting them to find a location
  • Explains classroom projects or displays to visiting parents and other guests

    Hospitality Leader

  • Writes letters of gratitude and encouragement to school staff whose contribution the school counts on (Principals, Office Staff, Counselors, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Cafeteria Staff, etc.)
  • Coordinates fellow scholars letter writing of gratitude and encouragement
  • Assists Mrs. Kloman with coordinating classroom celebrations, ceremonies
  • Other responsibilities as needed