Kloman, Trish- ELA/SS 5th

Welcome to 5th Grade

Trish Kloman, M.A.


I am delighted to be working with your scholar this year! 

5th grade is an exciting time of growing independence and I will act as both teacher and guide. 

My philosophy of education includes developing student leaders, and inspiring a sense of personal accountability for learning. 

My desire is to create a safe atmosphere where all learners are respected, and where achievable goals are crafted and met.  My hope is that students will be encouraged to take risks and reach new heights of academic and social achievement. 

Nurturing your child’s innate curiosity about the world around him/her is foremost on my agenda, as well as building self-esteem in a culture of respect, order, and fun. 

I LOVE TO LAUGH, but I am also unrelenting when it comes to giving and receiving respect.  I have very high expectations for all my scholars, and believe that ALL children are capable of learning and growing.

I believe in the right of every child to learn in an environment free of distractions.  We will spend a lot of time in our first weeks mastering our Code of Classroom Conduct.  Students will be very excited to know that as they excel in this area they will be rewarded with Scholar Dollars that will be redeemed in our Classroom Scholar Dollar Store. 

Engaging, hands on learning is my goal whenever possible.  Scholars will also be expected to develop work stamina as well.  Research supports the benefits of learning routine facts and other rote information with automaticity to free up a child’s higher cognitive processes for deeper thinking and discovery.  Sometimes this is best achieved through good old fashioned seat work. Mixing it up is my motto! I am a strong supporter of partner, and small group work.  Scholars will be expected to interact with their classmates with kindness, patience and cooperation. 

I have taught and am certified in Theater Arts, and will be including theatrical elements into many of our lessons.  Reader’s Theater, role playing, and acting are fun ways to communicate information and keep students engaged! 

My husband and I share six children and 5 grandchildren!  We moved to Asheville from New York in 2009, and would never call anywhere else home.  We own Fahrenheit Pizza in Arden, and have enjoyed interacting with so many wonderful folks from our community.

Thank you for the honor of entrusting your precious child into my care.  It is my promise to you that I will always treat your child with the utmost care and respect.  Please reach out to me at any time with questions, concerns and of course encouragement you’d like to pass along J.  Communication is key between school and home and vice versa.   You are the expert on your child and I would love to hear anything you’d like to share.  I am committed to answering emails (patricia.kloman@bcsemail.org ) within 24 hours, and may also be reached by calling the school. 

With gratitude for our partnership,

Trish Kloman, M.A. 

5th Grade ELA/SS