6th Grade News


January 2020

Notes from the Teachers

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“Peace begins with a smile”

~Mother Teresa

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What’s happening in Science class? 

by: Mr. Walker

Students are finishing up a science unit about the structure of planet earth.  They had an assignment to write a 5 paragraph essay describing earth’s 4 layers. 

The next science unit we will be learning about plant and the life processes of plants. .

Math: Unit 3  Percentages and Unit Rate.  We will be finishing up the math unit this week.  Students have been learning how to compare numbers and rates using examples of miles per gallon, and how much an item costs.  This is a practical life skill that we can use everyday to wisely spend money. 


Please remember that the permission slip and $10 for our field trip to see the play “The Odyssey” is due by Wed. Jan. 29, 2020. 

Wortham Center for Performing Arts


with Mrs. Gaddy

We are reading a Hindu Myth called “Ramayana: Divine Loophole”. This is an interesting myth from Ancient India that the students will use to help them develop their own story for our 2nd Writing Benchmark.  This story also ties in with our Social Studies unit on Ancient India.