Remote Learning

A few reminders that may be needed:

If you are having trouble installing ZOOM, follow these directions: 

Zoom Problem Solving Directions.pdf

Student email addresses
can be found in Google Drive. The formula is: 
first initial last name last four digits of ID number - no spaces
such as

This site should be bookmarked on student devices but the shortcut occasionally stops working or disappears. BCS students use this link as a single sign-in tool to access many apps for learning including Google Drive, Canvas, and SchoolNet.  Clever includes links to NewsELA, iReady, Sora, and a number of other sites.
The username and password are the same as the device login.

Parents' Guide to Google Classroom


Z-Scaler is our filter for the BCS devices.  Some websites require a Z-Scaler login to determine if students can access the site. The Z-Scaler login is:
student ID, same password as the computer password.
(Students frequently call this number their lunch number.)
Example: and usual password

Installing Zoom
Zoom is a way teachers can video conference with their students.  The connection will happen from the teacher's end but the students do need to install Zoom first.
Zoom Directions2.pdf