Policy in English


  • Does your student need a cell phone to come to Enka Intermediate School? No!                                          If your child needs to call you, we will be able to help them get in touch with you. If you need to call us to check on your child, we will be available to help you with that as well.
  • Students who bring a cell phone to school will be required to turn it in to their homeroom teacher each morning. The cell phone will be placed in a bag with the student’s name on it. All cell phones will be kept in a container and locked in the teacher’s closet until the end of the day and will be given back at this time. Failure to turn a cell phone in to the teacher when a student enters the class for the day will be considered a major office referral.
  • Bring your cell phone at your own risk. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones.

Due to confidentiality and to protect the rights of all students, the taking of pictures or videos by students using cell phones is prohibited before school, after school, or on the bus. Students who do not follow this rule will lose their privilege to have a cell phone at school.