What is Title 1?

Title I at Enka Intermediate School and our goal of improving academic achievement for all EIS students. 

Buncombe County School District  and Title I empowers every student every day.

Enka Intermediate School’s mission is to deliver a world class education by promoting the highest levels of academic achievement. Title I supports this mission while promoting district goals.

A fundamental belief with both EIS and Title I is that it takes a village to raise a child. Title I promotes community partnerships within the county.

EIS and Title I are also committed to providing the best instructional classrooms for students. Title 1 supports teacher quality through ongoing professional development.

EIS and Title 1 are committed to setting high expectations and accountability for all.

Title 1 provides funding for 2 teachers, 8 assistants and 2 tutors. The additional staff helps lower the teacher to student ratio for small group and individual instruction. 

What is Title I?

Title I comes from the elementary and secondary act of 1965. It used to be known as “No child left behind”.

The purpose of this act is that all students should have a fair, equal and significant opportunity for a high quality education.

How does a school become a Title 1 school?

Enka Intermediate became a Title one school using data from free and reduced lunch numbers.

EIS has two Title I Models including Targeted Assistance and School Wide programming.

Title I focuses on reading and math. The program uses research based programs, increases family involvement and requires highly effective teachers and assistants. 

Title I provides Intervention groups for both fifth and sixth grade.

The benefits of being a Title 1 school.

All Title 1 Schools write a Title 1 Plan. The plan is the guiding document for the school.The Plan addresses a number of areas. The main goal is to improve student academic achievement. Our plan is located on our school webpage.

Title I purchased the literacy curriculum used in the classroom. It also provides money for substitutes allowing for professional development,

Books for the classroom and leveled text are provided through Title 1 Funds.

Most importantly, Title 1 funds work to increase family involvement. We do this by having events throughout the year.This year we will be having literacy and transition nights.

We will provide a Title 1 Compact. This compact shows the responsibilities of your child, the parents and the teachers.

We believe that there is a shared responsibility for student learning and success.  

This compact explains how everyone contributes to the success of your child.