Family Engagement Plan


Family Engagement Plan


At Enka Intermediate, we believe in a strong partnership with all stakeholders in the school community.  It is the belief at Enka that when we have strong collaboration with the parents and community, there is a direct and positive impact on the student population.  Collaboration with Enka stakeholders will be conducted through various forms of communication that aid in the increase of parental involvement. The relationship with families is critical throughout the child’s academic career and parents must be given an opportunity to take an active role in the education of their child.  Our goal is to build and foster a partnership that will support the social, emotional, and academic development of all students at Enka Intermediate.

The Parental Involvement Plan will be reviewed each school year by the School Improvement Team, School Advisory Council, and PTO Board.  It will also be reviewed at the Title I Annual Meeting and Open House. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s education through one or many of the following activities:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Volunteer Program

Student Clubs 

Title I Family Involvement Opportunities

Parental Advisory Council Meetings

PTO Meetings

Mentor Programs 

Individualized Education Plan Meetings

School Dances

Special Activities for PBIS

Box Tops

Tools for Schools

Calendar Subject to Change Based on PTO, SIT and School Updates

The following events will be scheduled depending on the calendar and school structure: Clubs, pictures, Heritage Alive/Fall Festival, Parent Conferences, Health Fair, Choir, Music Showcase,  Jazz Performance, Book Fair, One School One Book, Literacy & Technology Night (Curriculum Fair), Transition to 5th Grade, Transition to 6th Grade, and Career Week.


13 Meet the Teacher 10:00 & 1:00

17 1st Day of school for A students

18 1st Day of school for B students

19 A students

20 B students

21 Remote Learning for all students


7 Labor Day - No school 

23 Enka Intermediate PAC 9:00

17 School Improvement Team 3:30

22 411 Information and Resource for Families 3:30-4:30, Virtual or In Person

28 Plan B begins for students

29 411 Information and Resource for Families 3:30-4:30, Virtual or In Person


5 Teacher Workday, Remote Learning Day

15 Title 1 PAC 9:00 i

15 School Improvement Team 3:30

16 End of Grading Period

19 Early Dismissal

22 Open House/Title 1 Annual Meeting

23 Report Cards


3 Teacher Workday, Remote Learning 

11 Veteran’s Day, No School

19 School Improvement Team 3:30

25-27 Thanksgiving, No School


17 School Improvement Team 3:30

18 End of Grading Period

21-1 Winter Break, No School


4 Return to school

8 Report Cards

15 Early Dismissal

18 MLK, No School

19 Enka Intermediate PAC 9:00 

21 Title 1 PAC 9:00 

21 School Improvement Team 3:30


3 Early Dismissal

15 Teacher Workday, Remote Learning

25 School Improvement Team 3:30


11 Early Dismissal

12 Teacher Workday, Remote Learning 

12 End of Grading Period

16 Enka Intermediate PAC 9:00

18 School Improvement Team 3:30
19 Report Cards


2 Early Dismissal

5-9 No School, Spring Break
15 School Improvement Team 3:30

22 Title 1 PAC 9:00

30 Teacher Workday, Remote Learning


18 Enka Intermediate PAC 9:00 

20 School Improvement Team 3:30

31 No School, Memorial Day


1 Early Dismissal, Last Day for Students