Enka Intermediate Starts Store for Good Cause

Enka Intermediate Starts Store for Good Cause
Posted on 04/27/2022
Enka Intermediate School is building future business leaders who put their community first.By Tim Reaves
BCS Communications Department

Enka Intermediate School is building future business leaders who put their community first.

Earlier this semester, one of Mr. Dominick Lofaro’s fifth grade classes heard about Random Acts of Kindness Day (Feb. 17) from School Counselor Wendy Cuellar and brainstormed how to raise money for charity. They decided to open a school store to sell school supplies to other classes and donate the proceeds to local nonprofit Helpmate, which serves and advocates for domestic violence survivors. Mr. Lofaro received the school supplies from an anonymous donor, and the students got to work.

“The students are growing in their empathy and taking ownership of their actions,” he said. “They’re being more helpful and responsible both here and, as some parents have told me, also at home.”

When the donated school supplies arrived, the kids priced the different items, and Mr. Lofaro sent out order forms to all the teachers with a letter explaining the school store and its purpose. Students placed orders with their teachers, and the teachers sent the order forms to Mr. Lofaro’s class with the money. Students then filled the order and delivered the items back to the class.

“We ran our store for about four weeks and collected $425,” Mr. Lofaro said. “One of the kids then suggested donating to a domestic violence shelter. We had a talk about what that meant, and how shelters like that help families. I sent a Google Form to the kids with all of their donation suggestions, and the majority of the class voted to donate to a domestic violence shelter. I then contacted Ms. Cuellar and [School Social Worker] Molly Pittman about what shelters we could collaborate with, which is when they contacted Helpmate.”

On April 20, Helpmate Executive Director April Burgess-Johnson accepted a check from the students. She thanked them and talked about the many people their donation will help. One of the students asked her the age requirement for volunteering with Helpmate. When she replied “18,” the student said, “then I'll see you in seven years!”

“I was so touched by those sweet kids and their generous gift,” Ms. Burgess-Johnson said. “It’s heartwarming to see kids of this age learn to be good citizens and support their community.”