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Mrs. Delperdang

I am a graduate from Florida State University with degrees in Art Education and Elementary Ed. Additionally I hold teacher licenses in Special Ed and Middle School ELA.  I have always enjoyed children as my five wonderful children continue to teach me new things daily. 

The majority of my 12 years of teaching has been in Art Education and Special Education.  It seems that no matter what subject I am teaching, the experience of learning through Art has found a way to creep into my classes.
I love to find ways to integrate art projects that relate and support your student's core academic classes. Art has a way of relating to everyone and everything, and I am challenged to communicate this concept to your wonderful children.

In Exploratory Art Classes students will measure angles and lines as they learn to draw, they will explore sculpture and structure as they build with clay, and they will learn the relaxation and expression of blending and painting with color. We will have fun!

Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions: