Evans, Hollie (Exploratory Language)


Hollie Evans
"Ms. E" 


Hola! Thank you for checking out my page!
I am brand new to this area and this is my first year teaching in North Carolina. I'm happy to say that this will be where me and my daughter call "home" for many years to come! My hobbies....Well my daughter just turned 1 so my hobbies are now her hobbies...we love watching Frozen, taking walks outside and eating! I am passionate about reading, so we are slowly becoming more and more interested in story time! I also LOVE to cook and can make just about any dish you could think of!

I teach Exploratory Language (Spanish) and I just love incorporating technology and games into a very fun-filled curriculum that gives my students a glimpse into the Spanish language as well as some of the more well-know facets of Spanish culture. 

I do everything I can to help all of my students succeed, not only in my classroom, but in their lives outside of my four walls. If you as parents ever have any concerns or questions, please reach out to me!

 I look forward to meeting your students!