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Enka Intermediate is a PBIS school

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a schoolwide  system that supports appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.

A positive behavior support is established for all students within the school. These areas extend beyond the classroom to non-classroom settings; such as the hallways, common areas, cafeteria,  buses and restrooms.
Introducing, modeling and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important part of a student's educational experience. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them creates a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm. 

Enka Intermediate School PBIS Matrix

I choose...


Hallways and Common Areas





Empathy -

Kindness & Understanding

-Help and respect others

-Show kindness

-Be an active listener

-Raise my hand to speak

- Keep hands to myself

-Smile at others in the hallway

-Help others in need

-Clean up my space

-Be friendly to staff

-Stack trays & put silverware in bins

-Respect personal space

-Be kind to others

-Listen to the bus driver

-Follow directions

-Respect others and their privacy

-Knock on the door before entering a stall

-Listen to each other

-If someone is in need, step up and help

-Notice if anyone is left out

-Take turns

Integrity -

Honesty and Effort

-Bring materials

-Complete homework

-Complete assignments

-Meet learning targets daily

-Keep the classroom clean

-Learn from my mistakes

-Get to my destination quickly and quietly

-Be where I am supposed to be at all times

-Use manners

-Give my attention to staff when they are speaking

-Do the right thing and stand up for others

-Report unsafe behaviors to my bus driver

-Be on time

-Be aware of my surroundings and look at driver before I cross the road

-Wash hands

-Report problems to staff

-Keep the playground area clean

-Treat equipment and peers with respect

-Claim ownership of my part in conflicts

Self-Control - Awareness and Safety

-Use kind words and actions

-Own my behaviors

-Keep hands and belongings to myself

-Keep my feet on the ground

-Walk in a straight line

-Stay to the right

-Be aware of my surroundings

-Use whisper volume

-Stay in my seat

-Walk carefully with my tray

-hands and belongings to myself

-Only eat my food

-Stay at my table

-Wait my turn

-Keep hands and belongings to myself

-Stay in my seat

- I do not speak loudly or play music without using headphones.

-Sit where I am supposed to sit

-I do not eat or drink on the bus.

-Keep restroom clean

-Keep water in the sink

-Use whisper volume

-Be aware of my surroundings

-Show good sportsmanship

-Keep my hands and feet to myself

-Take a break when needed

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